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"I have never been to a hairdressers and loved my hair afterwards. I love this salon The ladies were lovely and they offer a drink when you come in x hehe great salon and I love my hair. I was walked through the process of cutting the hair and the products used in my hair. I was also shown how to style my hair with my new style x"

Millie Irland
Hair by: Laura Minett

"As always with the Jakata team, great service, great staff and a great cut!"

Chris Rothwell
Hair by: Laura Minett

"Excellent as always!"

Lauren Hughes 1
Hair by: Laura Minett

"Nat did a great job .... I'm really pleased with my hair"

Uma Patel
Hair by: Natalie Doxey

"Nat is much more than a fabulous hairdresser, she's a fantastic therapist, life coach, bartender, comedian and over the years had become a genuine friend. I would highly recommend Nat to anyone. She is amazing"

Hair by:

"I'm not great with knowing what I want and I don't trust my own decisions when it comes to hair so it was really great to sit down and go through loads of ideas and photos to check what I would want with no rush. Even though Layla is a graduate her ideas and knowledge seemed far beyond that and she seemed really confident with what we could do but not in a pushy way at all. Very excited to come back in next week to have it done. :) "

Lucy Wheatley
Hair by: Layla Relf

"I loveee my hair, it’s exacty how I wanted it to be, the right length and the right colours so thankyou! :)"

Becky Kelly
Hair by: Natalie Doxey

"I have been coming here for years and everyone is really friendly, it's like spending an afternoon with friends. Nat is just fantastic at what she does, time after time I get compliments on my hair. Would always recommend the salon and Nat to all my friends. "

Carrie Edwards
Hair by: Natalie Doxey

"Laura always makes you feel at ease & is always happy to make suggestions on what she thinks would suit if I'm ever unsure as to what to have done."

Ruth Ennion
Hair by: Laura Hall